The 2022 Integrative Mental Health Summit.

Turning seeds of hope into solutions.

Simply put, this event is for everyone. Because mental health is an everyone issue.
In 2021, hundreds of individuals and innovators grew together as we shared new ideas and important mental health resources. Now let’s come together for even more growth. The 2022 Integrative Mental Health Summit will feature new speakers, information, and tools to nurture your seeds of hope into practical solutions. Join us October 7th, 8th and 9th, 2022.

Free registration for mental health professionals who work in schools for our 2nd annual Integrative Mental Health Summit. 

This year’s Integrative Mental Health Summit features a timely topic of importance to school counselors, teachers, students, and parents: the growing problem of anxiety and fear in schools. In addition to peer pressure and bullying, our youth now face unprecedented challenges of isolation due to Covid, school violence and more. We have gathered foremost experts in integrative mental health and want to make sure you can connect with them.

What’s in it for You?
Become better equipped to respond to the challenges facing today’s youth, especially with increased fear and uncertainty in their schools. Our featured speakers and panelists will provide cutting-edge information and resources to support sustained mental and emotional well-being. You will emerge from this Summit with a toolbox full of resources to support those who look to you for guidance.

What We Ask of You: We value the unique role you play in the lives of our youth and in our communities, which is why we are waiving the $25 registration fee. In return, we ask that you share this valuable resource with your fellow teachers, parents and students so they can benefit too. Here is A LINK to an email template, event Flyer, and other materials you can use to spread the word.


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