The 2022 Integrative Mental Health Summit.

From seeds of hope to practical solutions.

From October 7th – 9th we gathered more than 30 of the foremost experts and innovators in the field of integrative mental health with one purpose in mind: to better equip yours.
This event was designed to give you the tools and techniques you need to treat, cope, heal, and support yourself or anyone struggling with mental health challenges. And by anyone, we mean every one of us because we all fall somewhere on the mental health continuum.
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Individual, Family Caregiver, or Health Care Provider

Whether you’re an individual looking for answers or a health care provider looking for new ideas, we believe that there is no such thing as “nothing can be done.” The resources you’ve been waiting for, to get real results, are right here. Check out the schedule below to see all of the presentations you can access:

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Mensah Research Institute and Journey’s Dream 

Funds raised from the Summit will support the outstanding work and contributions of the Mensah Research Institute and Journey’s Dream, two not-for-profit organizations who are leaders in identifying, sharing and providing integrative mental health resources.

Journey’s Dream shows people the path to sustained mental health, collecting leading-edge resources, providing education and programs that support mental resilience and restored wellness.

The Mensah Research Institute conducts, supports, and presents research efforts that provide scientific evidence of the efficacy of natural approaches to improving brain function, and to enhancing and optimizing mind/body health and balance. Our goal at the Mensah Research Institute is to explore, and eventually treat, the total human condition.

Breaha Wallin
Breaha Wallin

Founder and Executive Director, Journey's Dream

Prior to her role as Executive Director of Journey’s Dream, Breaha founded and operated Breaha Wallin Communications, providing strategic leadership and communications counsel to corporate and non-profit clients. She began her career in public affairs with The Dow Chemical Company. Following her brother Journey’s struggle with his mental health and subsequent death in 2013, Breaha was inspired to co-found Journey’s Dream. Through this work, Breaha is co-creating a world where mental health recovery is the mainstream expectation, and everyone has access to excellent, multi-faceted care.

DJ Wells
DJ Wells

Executive Director, Mensah Research Institute

Detmer (DJ) Wells is the Executive Director of the Mensah Research Institute, as well as the Director of Marketing & Communications for MRI’s parent clinic, Mensah Medical.  Additionally, he is an adjunct faculty member at Governors State University in University Park, IL, where he teaches media/communications, writing, and research methods classes.  DJ has a long and rich history of advocacy and professional service in the areas of addressing health disparities and expanding educational access and resources.


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